Plymouth School of Aikido
Across Plymouth UK

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Shin Gi Tai course on the 17th September 2017 @ Plymouth School of Aikido

Shin Gi Tai course on the 16th September 2017

Summer School 2016, Pictures used with permission from J Steir.

General Training sessions in 2016/17, Pictures used with permission from J Steir.

1992 Demonstration

1st night Shed Dojo

2013 Course

Brixham Demo

Rest Day from Summer School

Demonstration for Plymouth Community Homes

Laira Dojo 2004

Old Pictures from a course at Pensilva Cornwall.

Summer School 2015

Iaido at Laira Dojo

Photos from April 2016 at Woodview.

Animangapop Demonstration 2019

Summer School 2018 & Gradings

Summer School 2017 & Gradings

Wales 2013.

Winter Misogi2013.

Woodview January 2016

Winter Misogi2015.

Blast from the past.

Bokken Class

Coaching Course

Easter 2003

Laira 2005

Jujitsu 2013

Winter 2018 & Gradings

Public Animangapop Demonstration 2018

Torbay 2012

Summer Misogi 2012

Monday Nights

Pictures from Old Laira Dojo

The Shed Dojo

Renovation of the Shed Dojo

Woodview 2015

Extra sessions for weapons.

Additional instruction on different weapons

Yamada Sensei Course

Photos from our old Dojo at North Prospect.

Photos from May 2015 at Woodview.