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Frequently asked questions



What is Aikido?

Aikido is a martial art which is closely linked to Taijutsu. This is the basis for Home Office Approved Personal Safety Techniques and includes effective methods for defending against escalating physical aggression. The word Aikido means Ai (Harmony) Ki (spirit) Do (the way) and the underpinning philosophy can aid in the discovery of a way of life which reduces conflict in all its forms (anger, violence, disrespect) through learning to build self-confidence in dealing with imminent personal attacks.


What are the costs of getting started?

Our normal rates include a membership fee (£30 pa with concessions available for Juniors, Students, unwaged) and a session mat fee (£5 Seniors; £3 Juniors and concessions at Coombe Dean and Woodview; £4 at Fort Stamford). We also offer equipment on a non-profit basis via central purchase so that the cost of the specialist clothing and equipment is minimised. A standard Gi (suit) costs approximately £25 and wooden weapons (Jo and bokken) approximately £20. We do not require beginners to wear any specialist clothing. We recommend clothing suitable for activity with sleeves and trousers or tracksuit bottoms of longer than knee length. We also fully accept a variety of styles of martial arts clothing (eg Judo, Karate and other martial arts clothing is perfectly suitable) although some are more suitable for Aikido than others.


What should I wear to train in?

Loose, soft clothing is acceptable to start with. Items such as track suit bottoms and a long sleeved top are ideal. These protect you when learning to roll.


Why are we recruiting?

We have a number of vacancies, both in the junior class (8+ year olds) and Adult class as a number of our long standing aikido students, who started as a group, have left the area for study or work. We are now in a position to recruit adults and children who see martial arts as a source of gaining both self-defence skills and improving one's general quality of life. We are fully committed to Equality, Diversity and Ethnicity issues. We take our risk assessments seriously - injuries occur rarely as we match the activity to the individual (whether 8 or 80 years old!). We are happy to guide you towards your goals. We therefore wish to encourage you, whether an individual or part of a family, male or female, to try us out by using our reduced-rate introductory sessions.


Who are we and where are we located?

Plymouth School of Aikido was founded in 1980 as a club with a tradition of quality teaching in Martial Arts. In 1989, we associated with Shin Gi Tai Society which is based in South Wales and under the BAB (British Aikido Board) so we could access benefits in terms of insurance, quality assurance and support for development. David Worsley (Senior Instructor 6th Dan Aikido with 30 years of experience) is also an in date Personal Safety and Public Order Instructor with the Army. The other instructors are listed on the club website. We have historically recruited by word-of-mouth and via our website. Our club takes beginners and helps them to progress as far as they wish, including to Dan Grade. Currently, we practice at Woodview,Coombe Dean and Fort Stamford ( Please see the Club Calender or contact us for times and dates). We pride ourselves on a friendly and enjoyable approach to learning our martial art.


What do you do now?

Contact Phil Smith (01752 219355, mobile 07795026939) or David (07977184337) or Tre Worsley (01752 403325) and let us know if aiming to attend. We can help with directions, answer your questions and ensure we are ready to give you the best experience. Our sessions are planned to benefit those attending, so let us know when you are visiting us. You can come to observe a session if you wish. Let other people, with a possible interest in this opportunity, know and, perhaps, start with a friend!

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