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A Snapshot of Plymouth School of Aikido

Plymouth School of Aikido is a long established school with a progressive outlook. It has a history dating back over 30 years to the early '80s.

The School is currently Lead by Shihan David and is backed up by a comprehensive team of instructors with backgrounds from several styles of Aikido.

Each instructor is undertaking a continuous professional development program to maintain our standards of instruction and coaching development to BAB standards. We welcome all students and often have people training with us when on their holidays in the South West.

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Development of the Club

Over the last 5 years the school has grown into 3 Dojos spread over the City of Plymouth, each operating with a nominated lead instructor who has day to day control. Students are free to train at any site and often learn from the different styles of teaching displayed at each location. As the number of instructors increase we hope to offer more nights and locations for people to train and plan to be here in another 30 years. In 2016 We have managed to secure Big Lottery Funding which has allowed us to increase the Mat size to accommodate the increasing number of Students attending.